15-16 weeks of the corona crisis

15-16 weeks of the corona crisis

The development of vaccines and drugs continues at an incredible pace. Virtually every week, a national pharmaceutical company reports on its progress in developing both the vaccine and the drug.The reason is the specificity of the coronavirus: relatively rapid and mass infection.

The United States and Israel are under special political attack. China has gained great influence in various organizations around the world. A clearer example is the WHO – World Health Organization. They were able to influence its board in such a way that the dangers of the coronavirus were hidden, but it caused irreparable damage to the whole world.Now they want to influence the International Criminal Court to convict US soldiers defending democracy in different parts of the world. At the same time, there are people on the board of this organization who have been active in several African dictatorial governments.Pray constantly for the United States as you pray for Israel.

How is the Last Judgment Day different from other judgment days over people?First, many people will not be prosecuted during their earthly lives.Secondly, by receiving a certain punishment, it is possible to get out of the locked place after serving your time and continue to enjoy greater freedom.The only exceptions are higher penalties, e.g. 100 years and lifetime, the death penalty or the age of the person.

However, the Doomsday Court will judge all people without exception. All people who have not truly believed in Christ during their earthly life will be punished by life imprisonment, and the punishment will take place in hell, and later it will continue with fire in the burning sulfur lake.

Hebrews 9:27 Just as men die once, and after that is judgment …

How is it possible? For those who do not believe in the Bible, here is one example of its possibility.
“Death is just an illusion, and life goes on indefinitely,” says Robert Lanza, a US biologist and philosopher of science who was recently ranked among the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine.

Most scholars consider the claims about the possibility of afterlife to be absurd, or at least unprovable. However, Robert Lanza, a renowned US professor who has studied cloning and stem cells for decades, argues that death is only an illusion created by our consciousness. Lanzal has solid proof that life goes on after death – the answer lies in quantum physics, mediates The Independent.

Why do we have to keep repeating God’s Word to ourselves and others? 1 Peter 2:24 … by His stripes you were healed

Let’s see: pain and disease carry information and say very convincingly that there are few chanceses and that is it, ignorance, end, death.That is why we need to rub in the Scriptures – the Word of God, so we know it as a multiplication table, so even while we sleep in 50 years you will not make a mistake! How did we get it? We beat it  into our head, as they say! That’s the only way, never give up!

And then the evil spirits will tell you, well, you see, it doesn’t work, pointless, stop, let your hands drop. In other words: give up!

A school was established in Jerusalem to train (Kohanim) young men to serve the priests of the Third Temple. This is another step closer to the return of the Messiah.

Voices are being heard from Israel and petitions have even been sent to rename Tiberias to Trumperias. Because, according to Prime Minister Netnanyahu, Israel has never had a better friend than President Trump.The name in Tiberias, however, comes from the names of Emperor Nero, Tiberius Claudius, who drove the Jews out of Rome.
Recently, the Secretary-General of the Arab League made a shocking statement. If Israel extends its sovereignty to the territories of Judea and Samaria, this spark could ignite a great war. It would be something like if the Estonian government wanted to establish its own laws in Võru County or e.g. for some reason in Ida – Virumaa. These lands are historically associated with Israel, and God promised them to Abraham.

“From farm to fork” is the EU’s new catering program until 2050. To reduce global warming and the planet’s resources, it has been decided to start producing protein from insects. Growing them requires significantly less energy and other resources. They are killed by a gradual drop in air temperature. It means that they die painlessly. They are then roasted and ground into flour that is added anywhere, even to energy bars.Considering that this protein will be added to animal feed and the slope of chickens and fishes, there will be practically no more kosher meat in the EU, and so on.

However, the Bible allows you to eat only one type of insect, i.e. the grasshopper. It can also be called a Bible protein.

Leviticus 11:23 But all other flying insects that have four legs you are to regard as unclean. 24 “‘You will make yourselves unclean by these;

Phil 3:20 But our citizenship is in heaven, and we look forward to the Savior who is in heaven, the Lord Jesus Christ.
But we look forward to our salvation!Praise Him always!Blessed be Israel, peace be upon thee, O Jerusalem.


Pastor Paul Armand