43 villages killed

Volunteer Defense Forces Established in Burkina Faso, Group Kills 43 Villagers

– Burkina Faso has been struggling with increasing Jihadist violence since 2015. Over the past two years, this violence has significantly increased. According to the Armed Conflict and Event Database (ACLED), there was a 650% spike in civilian deaths related to terrorist type violence. This spike led to the government creating and passing a new law called, “Volunteers for the Defense of the Homeland Act.” This act gave permission for villages to form volunteer militias who would get 2 weeks of military training and then weapons that they could use to defend their homes and villages.

Read the rest of the news here: https://www.persecution.org/2020/03/20/volunteer-defense-forces-established-burkina-faso-group-kills-43-villagers/

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