99-Year-Old Has Read Through Bible 60 Times: ‘Might as Well Make it 61’

10/02/2020 by Michael Foust

A 99-year-old Tennessee church member who has read through the Bible 60 times recently embarked on her 61st journey through Scripture because, she says, “God shows me something new every time.”

The woman, known as “Miss Helen” to members of her congregation at The Church at Station Hill, in Spring Hill, Tenn., began reading through the Bible the 61st time after learning of a challenge by pastor Jay Strother, who urged church members to read through the Bible in one year.

The Baptist & Reflector recounted the inspiring story. The Bible-reading plan is part of Strother’s “The Whole Church in the Whole Word” challenge. 

“I’ve been through the Bible 60 times and I might as well make it 61,” she told Strother.

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