A very present help

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Which is harder, to do or to endure? I think to endure is much harder, and our Father loves us too much to let us pass through life without learning to endure. So I want you to welcome the little difficult things, the tiny prick and ruffles that are sure to come almost every day. For they give you a chance to say “No” to yourself, and by doing so you will become strong not only to do but also to endure.

Whatever happens, don´t be sorry for yourselves. You know how our Lord met the tempting “Pity thyself!” (Matthew 16:22 A.V. margin). After all, what is anything we have to bear in comparison with what our Lord bore before us?

I know that each one of you is in need of continual help if you are continually to conquer. I have splendid words to give you. They are from the first verse of Psalm 46 – a very present help.

Our loving Lord is not just present, but nearer than thought can imagine, so near that a whisper can reach Him. You know the story of the man who had a quick temper and had not time to go away and pray for help. His habit was to send up a little telegraph prayer,”Thy  sweetness, Lord!” and sweetness came.

Do you need courage? “Thy courage, Lord!” Patience? “Thy patience, Lord” Love? “Thy love, Lord” A quiet mind? “Thy quietness, Lord!” Shall we all practice this swift and simple way of prayer more and more? If we do, our Very Present Help will not disappoint us. For Thou, Lord, have never failed them that seek Thee.

Source: Amy Carmichael “Candles in the light”