Find harbor

I understand the buffeted days and the days of no small tempest, when neither sun nor stars appear. And it is good to pass through such days, for if we didnt we could neither prove our God nor help others. If any experience of ours helps to bring others to our Lord, what does any buffeting matter?

But we are not meant to live in a perpetual stormy sea. We are meant to pass through and find harbor and so be at peace. Then we are free from occupation with ourselves and our storms – free to help others.

I want to live in the light of the thought of His cming, His triumph – the end of this present darkness, the glory of His seen Presence. This bathes the present in radiance. You wont be sorry then that you trusted when you couldnt see, when neither sun nor stars in many days appeared and no small tempest lay on you (Acts 27:20). No, you wont be sorry then. So I wont be sorry now. I`m believing. “All joy and peace in believing”: the words ring like a chime of bells.

Source: Amy Carmichael “Candles in the dark. Letters of hope and encouragement.”

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