Conclusion from Jerusalem

Rabbi Yehuda Glick, one of the well-known rabbis concluded:

1. Coronavirus is a punishment from God.

2. We should find the reason why it came. In Exodus, the punishments came upon Pharaoh and Egypt, and chapter 7 was God’s desire that both should understand that there was only one God, HaShem!

3. This is a time when we should pray and remember Him.

4. Because all nations are equally attacked, whether you are a Muslim, an idol worshipper, or a Christian, God’s desire is for all nations to be united and act together the same way as they develop the vaccine virus together.

Summary: Coronavirus is God’s punishment.God wants all nations to live together and act together.And realize there is only one God!

And, to avoid darkness, revenge, slander and uncontrollable facts, etc …

Addition by  P.A.

Mediated by Pastor Paul Armand

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