It is the last minute of the last hour of this era

25/01/2020 by  Mare Ina Tikerpae


Do only what God tells you to do. Don’t waste or spend your time just like that! Die to yourself and let God change you.

Allow yourself to be called and sent! If you won’t do anything to fulfill your calling you will remain only called till the rest of your life.

Freedom and healing comes only through the cross.

Never leave the cross out of your sermon.

The plan of God will be filled either with or without you. If you stop or discontinue your walk of faith, God will  call someone else in the place of you. Even though it would be better for you to continue.

Be very diligent so that no one would take your place!

Be faithful! Die to yourself! Renounce your own will! Go there where God tells you right away but not when the door is closed.

Then only the tears of regret and self-pity will fall on your cheeks. This is your last chance.

Go now! Go at once!

With the love of God