Mom in court

Fan Ruzhen (right) sits with her lawyer at court.
(Photo: ChinaAid)

This week, a Christian mother faced a court because she chose not to send her child to public schools.

Fan Ruzhen refused public education for her child, choosing homeschooling or Christian schooling instead. Because of this, officials summoned her several times and threatened to revoke her government-provided subsistence paycheck. She refused to comply, so the government filed a lawsuit against her in September 2019.

The first court session opened on Dec. 19, 2019. Fan recited her rights and defended her competence to educate her child. Five teachers provided statements supporting Christian education as a solid alternative to public school. In addition, Fan’s lawyer said the government violated the Compulsory Education Law of China by accusing her.

On Dec. 21, the judge suggested the two parties reach a settlement. However, the government continued to oppress her. The Yintai District Court in Beihai held another hearing for the case on March 16.

More and more Christians in China are choosing to homeschool their children, and several of them are paying close attention to this case.


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