Reconciliation Mission in Belarus and Finland 06.-17.09.2017

         “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me…” (1. Chr. 4:10)

This prayer that Jabez prayed is something that God hears gladly. One can see after this reconciliation mission that God has been continually expanding our “terriorty” in the past few years! All the glory goes to HIM, but also many thanks to all the people who travelled and to everyone who prayed, donated and helped.

This mission (4 days in Minsk – travelled through Latvia and Estonia – 7 days in Finland) was very blessed. When we were in Finland I was able to talk about the reconciliation ministry on the radio, at prayer meetings, the Sabbath beginning in a messianic group at a church service (Harald was able to serve by praying at the end of the service). Harald and I sang several times, including during the video recording of “Ehre sei dem Lamm!” (Glory be to the lamb).  The reason for our stay in Finland was so we could record in the studio. The director of the film project “Schabbat Schalom” still needs to produce and add some things to the recordings from those three days. In return, we were able to take many DVDs and pictures. The completion will still take some time. The Finnish director had asked me to take part in this project in April 2017, when Gerhard Wolf and I were in a messianic church taking part in the Passover. It was there that we were able to ask for forgiveness on behalf of our nation for our wrongdoings, because it was due to the German army’s 900 day long besiegement that around 1 Million people starved and froze to death (the Leningrade blockade). He said that most of the recordings will be broadcasted through the whole of Russia on TV and will be a blessing to the Russian-speaking areas and churches in the world. Please pray that many people will see this programme and will be touched by the Holy Spirit. As a result of this, many viewers, amongst other things, can hear the plea for forgiveness for our German blame in the II World War and be delivered from the bitterness in their hearts. God can even remind them of this programme in retrospect and they could spread the word. The word will spread.

This kind of dimension in the ministry was something I could not have thought out myself. Only God can do something like this!

Even concerning the compassion ministry, especially in Belarus, nothing fell short. We were able to finance 150 food parcels and other financial difficulties through donations.

Whoever prayed or donated for these ministries is also entitled to the blessing and will be rewarded by God. This is what HE has promised. (Exodus 23:25-26, Luke 6:38)

Please pray for the workers in the harvest (Matthew 9:37-38), for this ministry and also for us: leading worldwide intercessors advise that the participants of these kinds of trips should be prayed for the 3 weeks after! Thank you in advance!

How gladly I like to share about various experiences during missions, for example the following:

At the airport in Tallinn we met a pastor of a messianic church in Tallinn who I actually met the previous year in Estonia. He said to me, “When are you coming to Georgia? I passed your details on and there are 10 churches who are waiting for your ministry!” There is a lot of hatred and forgiveness there due to the war with Russia a few years ago.

May God bless you! Once again, many thanks and many greetings! We appreciate you immensely!

Inge und Horst