Therefore and because

Author: Paul Armand

I want to talk to you about the Gospel using a word „therefore“and „because“.

I think that one day God judges us just because He came in a human form and died for you and me on the cross so that you and I could receive the forgiveness of sins and for our eyes to see and we would not die in hell forever and that’s why He came down to the earth taking a form of slave upon himself. He says that He judges us because He did that. He shouldn’t have done that this way it was impossible to do but we know that there is nothing impossible for God and that’s why He suffered for you and me the reproach of gentiles, He was beaten, tortured and humiliated. He came with one goal: to save you and me. He had only one goal and if you won’t receive that then because He was God and took the form of slave, therefore He will judge you.

The Bible teaches us that this act which He did in Calvary was a act of love. This that God sent His Son means that God loved this world. He says that because God loved this world He sent His Son and His Son died for you and me on the cross of Calvary if you don’t receive that then I will punish you severely.

Therefore because He died and He comes back again to save you and me then we do everything that is written, because He died.

To me, who am less than the least of all the saints, this grace was given, that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ, Ephesians 3:8

He did this for us and it is unsearchable riches. We can go back in time and see what happened on the cross of Calvary.  It is the beginning but it is not the end. Apostle Paul says that the end of it is unsearchable riches. It is impossible to imagine what God has prepared for us. You can’t compare it to anything. If a person buys something then buyer wants to know the price for the product. As a result some units are measured with another unit and as a result a third unit is asked and this all is searched out because there are standards kilograms, grams etc. It is figured out, verified that 1 kg will cost 5 Euros. If you are willing to pay then it will be placed on the scales and as you weigh them other units will appear.

Apostle Paul says that this what Christ has done for us is unsearchable. We cannot measure it with our units. He said that what He has prepared for you is more than the whole world, more than all the measures of the world. The entire gold and precious stones are for you. One small heavenly diamond costs more than the whole world.  We know that even if we want very much we can’t have the whole world.  It is impossible that one small diamond from heaven costs more than the whole world. We know that in the book of revelations we have been given a little bit information that in heaven there are streets made of gold and this gold is transparent and the gates of Jerusalem are each made of one pearl. We can never imagine a heavenly diamond because heavenly diamond has nothing in common with the pearl what we can imagine. It is unsearchable riches. If you start to imagine something then you will have wrong imagination. We imagine the gates of New Jerusalem made of one pearl. We imagine something incorrect. That’s how we can sink in our faith because we imagine that what we know and see. But God said that these riches are unsearchable it is so amazing, wonderful, glorious. He gave it to you just for the sake of „because“and „therefore“ .