Tallinna Kristlik Evangeelne Linnakogudus

Three Families Expelled from Village in Laos

Three Christian families from the Akha tribe were expelled from their village recently after refusing to renounce their faith in Christ.

At the beginning of 2020, village authorities called the Christians to a meeting that included members of the Laos Patriotic Front.

After accusing the believers of abandoning Akha customs and failing to follow the rules and traditions of the village, authorities told them that if they would not renounce their “Jesus religion” they would have to leave the village.

The Christians told them they would not renounce their faith in Christ, pointing out they had not broken any laws, but wanted to stay in the village.

At that point, village leaders loaded the Christians and their belongings onto a truck, drove them to some empty farmland outside the village and left them.

The authorities then destroyed the Christians’ homes in the village.

Pray that these faithful families will find a new place to live.

Source: https://www.icommittopray.com/request/2027/exiled-families/