Pastor advised him to start to pay tithe saying that God honors His Word. If you do that then as you reach home the peoblem will be solved Jumal austab oma Sõna.

The member of the Church obeyed and placed is tithe out of unemployment allowance into the offering box.

Later as the brother reached home he saw a man standing in his drive way,  waiting for him.

As soon as the brother got out of the car the man turned to him and aske: Would you like to come and work in my truck drivers company ? The man agreed instantly.

Years went by and this brother owned already his truck drivers company, he had 300 workers and he was a millionaire.

On one good day he again came to the pastor and said: Pastor please pray for me.It is hard for me to give tithe lately .

Pastor replied: Yes, sure. Lets kneel.

They knelt there and pastor prayed: God, please let the brother loose his trucks and a part of his businesss so much that it is easy for him to sacrifice.

The man screamed and stopped the prayer: Pastor, hold on . i didnt mean that.

May the Holy Spirit reveal the lesson in this story for everyone.{:}