1. I, Lord your God anoint you that you would walk in anointing and in a great power. You will raise the dead. Just as satan has taken life, you will give life, says the Lord.

2. I give you infinite anointing and it starts to grow as you open your mouth. The words of the Spirit flow through you. You know the words, but the words of the Spirit flow out of your mouth, and the words of the Spirit release the prisoners and break the chains of injustice. Child of God, learn to know this day, for I will anoint your life, your words, your mind, and your spirit. You go with My protection, says God.

3. God the Father, You have anointed this day as a time of grace. You said the word clearly and gave direction. You give power and you anoint our steps. You proclaim to all mankind of the opportunity to be free today and forever. Lord Jesus, we believe that You give them special anointing and power, the presence of the Holy Spirit. Glorify Your name by guiding their path!

4. My son, desire to see this day, for it will be the fulfillment of the Scripture that all the saints have desired to see. God’s power will then reveal to My people, what I have predestined before the creation of the world. You will perform the individual functions of My hand. The Spirit of the living God will flow through you without measure like you’ve never seen it before. This anointing is rising right now to do this job. I empower you and fill you with the power of the Holy One of Israel. You will be surprised how God’s power begins to flow through you to do what He said before the world was created. Like I said, the power of God has risen within you and wants to flow through you. All saints have wanted to see this day because it is the fulfillment of Scripture.

5. There are a couple of things that God showed me.

God’s word will come out of your mouth like fire, and you are like God’s sword. The word of God comes forth and the fire of God destroys the heart of a sinner. And it bears fruit. I’m sure I felt what I could see: how the spiritual flames of fire is released among people and it touches and serves the people. The Lord showed me the places where you will serve. Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden (Stockholm), Denmark (Copenhagen), Germany (Bonn, Berlin), Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine. In all these places you will serve and everywhere the fire of the Spirit will touch people.

6. And again I saw that it was a destructive (absorbing) and purifying fire. I saw you carrying a flag which fluttered in the wind, it is fire and behind it is fire and it brings glory. And everywhere you go it is fire, it does not stop because it is the movement of God, not man. It’s just like Peter said God creates it, not he. Therefore, you cannot leave it undone, even though satan is trying to resist.

7. As we prayed, I saw God taking your hands and sealing what He has done in your life. What He talks about this seal is the following: You feel courage, obedience, sensitivity to the Holy Ghost, and love. But I empower you to create something new, God is influencing man to create something new. It’s like a technology that is constantly evolving and looking for something new. This technique is evolving and getting smaller and more powerful. New technology offers new opportunities. Similarly, I seal what I told you. Not just courage, not just the Word, not just sensitivity to Me, My hearing and your response. I am going to create something new and My Spirit will do it.

8. Paul, I see a vision. I see your barrels of leather filled with fire, this is the fire of the Holy Spirit. I see this fire come out with every step you take and how it sets the church to fire. This is the fire of the Holy Spirit, this fire is within you. It’s nothing of you, it’s the fire of the Holy Spirit. It brings thousands to Christ, the fire of the Spirit brings.

Pastor Glenn Bagley -2

1. Know that I have called you! I anointed you, and now I am empowering you, says the Lord.

And now I send you out with the authority of the Word of God which is at work in your life. Know that I will give to your unpolished words such a power, tenderness and love that they will melt the hearts of stone. I give you the voice of the prophet and the apostolic authority and (the power) of righteousness, says God. A voice that is heard and is taken into consideration. Know that the governments of nations will come to you and ask you to speak to their parliaments, kings and governors. Know that this is the hour that I have anointed you and sent you to show the good works of the Father, who has called you to show the love of God the Father, Who has saved you to show the power of His love. I have given your mind and heart a gift to understand the love of God the Father in a way that you have never understood before. Because, love covers the multitude of sins. I send you so that this love would cover many sins. Let love be the flag that is lifted high above you. Let love be the most important thing that is always with you! And know: I am Love and the fulfillment of all your needs in love. And your ministry will be known as the ministry of love.

2. There is another word for you, brother.

Just as Paul served in his time, obeying and understanding what he believed, so now in the last days, God is sending you, like Paul, with the same authority. He saw Paul’s aspirations and He sees your desires. And now God will work mightily through you to spread the gospel. You become fearless because you know you need to fear your God. And you will see the power of God that powerfully fulfills the word of God through you. It will change lives, bring true freedom, and help the people to enter the kingdom of God. Stand, be strong, be confident and independent! I want to use you more powerfully and more than you’ve ever dreamed of. March 20, 1998

Pastor Glenn Bagley -3

Heavenly Father, you have anointed this day as a day of dedication. The time my brother was with us, was a time of grace. You spoke Your Word clearly and gave direction. You gave a lot of clear words that anoints Paul’s steps and his path. You told him to carry that flag to the nations of the world. Lord Jesus, we all agree to send them out with your special anointing, power, and the presence of the Holy Spirit who will follow and be with them and guide them in all their steps. March 29, 1998

The following prophetic messages were delivered by Pastor Foster, David Foster, Dotty Bonar, and Petty Hildebrand at Pastor Foster’s home prayer meeting on March 24, 1998.

Pastor said that God is giving Paul three businesses to help him in his ministry. One of them is publishing. It starts as a small business and will grow.

He said Paul will travel to Poland and God will use him to destroy the thick wall of darkness between the Polish Catholic Church, the people and the government.

David said that he saw the same vision, but he did not see that it was Poland. David saw covers which were torn apart and exposed a group of people. These people are in darkness and Paul brings to them the light of God’s Word.

Pastor Foster said that Paul will be a vessel and will organize Full Gospel Business Mens Fellowship meetings, in many places where they do not currently exist.

David said that Paul is not afraid of anything greater than his understanding or beyond his control. Paul may feel small, but he has no fear.

Petty said that Paul had a burning torch in his hand and he went out to burn the lie of the world. He places that torch on the lips of people who tell lies and burns that lie when it comes out of their lips.

The pastor saw Paul sitting on a horse. He called Paul the Freedom Rider, who rides across Europe in the power of God’s Word.

Petty also said that she saw Paul as their Paul Revere, who rode through the countryside during the American Revolution, warning small villages of the coming of the British.

Paul will ride in Europe, carrying the Word of God to free people. The pastor said that the freedom riders wore a flag that read “Free Europe”.

Pastor Foster said Paul will have broadcasts in many radio stations. He said many businessmen will soon want to sponsor Paul’s ministry.

Paul writes more books than anyone in Europe, even more than Martin Luther. He will proclaim prosperity and success to businessmen to help them in their problems. Then they will support his ministry.

Pastor Foster told in the Church service that Paul has a special anointing and he will become Europe´s Billy Graham.

David Foster, pastor´s son saw elephant and mouse syndrome. The mouse was chasing the elephant. The explanation was that no matter how big the opposition is, it will flee from Paul.



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