We were harassed at every turn

07/03/2020, L.B. Reiman

Why is it that God leads us in this way, allowing such strong and constant pressure on us? One of His purposes is to show us His all-sufficient strength and grace more effectively than if we were free from difficulties and trials. “We have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.” 2 Cor 4:7

Another purpose is to bring us a greater awareness of our dependance upon Him. God is constantly trying to teach us how dependant we are on Him – that we are held completely by His hand and reliant on His care alone.

This is exactly where Jesus Himself stood and where He desires us to stand. We must stand not with  self-made strength but always leaning upon Him. And our stand must exhibit a trust that would never dare to take even one step alone. This will teach us to trust Him more.

There is no way to learn of faith except through trials. They are Gods school of faith and it is much better for us to learn to trust Him than to live a life of enjoyment. And once the lesson of faith has been learned, it is an everlasting posession and an eternal fortune gained. Yet without trust in God, even the greatest riches will leave us in poverty. From Days of heaven upon earth.

Why must I weep when others sing?

“to test the deeps of suffering.”

Why must I work while others rest?

“To spend my stregth at Gods request.

Why must I lose while others gain?

“to understand defeats sharp pain.”

Why must this lot of life be mine

When that which fairer seems is thine?

“Because God knows what plans for me

will blossom in eternity.”

Source:  L.B. Reiman Streams in the desert.